( Organization of technical and marketing experts for the effective presentation of HERBS )

IMMUNE supports in services like,

  • Ayurvedic treatment consultation on chronic diseases
  • Ethical Ayurvedic Formulation
  • OTC Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Herbal Cosmetic Formulation
  • Visual Aid / Literature & other promotional materials for Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Training Medical Representatives for Ayurvedic Products
  • Marketing Strategies to promote Ayurvedic Products
  • Assistance to make clinical trial of Ayurvedic Products in correct direction
  • Unique ideas to advertise OTC Ayurvedic Products
  • Suggestions of unique Brand Names
  • Production planning and guidelines for quality assurance of Ayurvedic Products
  • Guidelines ans Maintenance of GMP as per FDA
  • Supply Ayurvedic quality raw materials in powder form and in extracts form
  • Supply Ayurvedic Products to various countries according to individual country laws and specifications



Immune Experts supports pharmaceutical organization or International organization to develop Scientific Natural Ayurvedic Products.

IMMUNE provides Analytical services like

  • Identification of active constituents
  • Microbial contents, HPLC Analysis, TLC Analysis, Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Semi finished and finished products Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

IMMUNE supports all possible analytical services required by different country standards to their all clients from different countries.

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Patient Assistance
Programme. Assist your self

If you are suffering from
any Chronic Disease

You can have online chat with the experts to discuss your problem, Send us your resports and get real advice and prescription also in special case get handmade Ayurveda Medecine prepared by experts.

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Programmes & Workshops

Learning Ayurveda through IMMUNE educational courses.

IMMUNE provides private educational courses on Ayurveds. If you with to learn Ayurveda through Immune, three different courses are available.

Immune 101 : Introduction to Ayurveda System Of Medicine
Immune 201 : Certificate In Advanced Ayurvedic Medicine
Immune 301 : Diploma In Ayurvedic Medicine

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For Doctors
Consulting available for FREE

If You are a DOCTOR and needs any discussion about your patients ( Suggest Client ) For Ayurvedic Treatment ( Suggest, Recommend or use and support them ) Please mail us at

IMMUNE tries to explain all possible scientific explanation on Ayurvedic Treatment approaches and ayurvedic preparations. Discuss your disease / complaints with India's first Ayurvedic Physician and Inventor of Ayurvedic traditional parameters relation with scientific parameters for the effective Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.

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Supply of
Ayurveda Raw Materials
IMMUNE supplies quality raw materials in bulk quantity,
bullet in plant as a whole form
bullet in powder form
bullet in extracts form

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Patient's Opinion

According to me Dr. Amin is a safe Ayurvedic physician and revival of a safe traditional physician. in modern days.

Indian traditional physician ( vaidhya ) used to prepare their own hand made medicines and treat the patients . his own prepared oil has given me a new life in my osteoarthritis

Complaints .

Your OIL for external application in any kind of arthritic pain is effective according my experiences.

Mrs. pramila patel USA.

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