Immune Ayurvedic Products
Ayurvedic cough syrup for non productive & productive cough
Capsule for non specific leucorrhea
Anti lithic capsule
Natural alkalizer for burning micturition
Capsule for chronic rhinitis
Capsule /Tablet for rheumatoid arthritis
Haematinic capsules
Capsules/ Tablet for Liver disorders
Aphrodisiac Tablets (silver coated)
Natural tranquilizer capsules
Digestive / Enzyme tablets
Natural vitamin C ayurvedic drink (powder form)
Anthelmintic syrup
Carminative & drops for colic for neonates, infants & children
Capsules for leucoderma
Lotion /Cream for weeping eczema/ dry eczema & related skin    disorders
Natural anti serotonergic syrup
Analgesic ointment
Tablets for hyper acidity
Herbal ointment for burns
Ayurvedic asthma / bronchitis treatment
Ayurvedic ointment for cuts on feet heels
Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes
Health tonic and perfect appetizer for alcoholics and tobacco    chewers
Chronic diarrhea dysentery complaints
Natural calcium preparation ETC. & Many other subjects.
Classical Ayurveda preparations.
Immune OTC Products
Hair oil
Sore throat lozenges
Tooth paste. etc.
Herbal Teas
Herbal Talcum Powder

Ayurveda Raw Materials
IMMUNE supplies quality raw materials in bulk quantity,
bullet in plant as a whole form
bullet in powder form
bullet in extracts form


Immune Cosmetics
in relation with Ayurveda or Natural Ingradiants
Rehydrant cleansing cream
Medicated deep cleansing mint lotion
Sandalwood cleansing milk
Precious herbs moisturizer( moisturizer sea shell for skin elasticity)
Ayurvedic face & body scrub  
Ayurvedic anti ageing day/ night coverage
Depigmentation lotion
Tulsi herbal skin freshener

Body massage oil

Turmeric pre- wash cream
After bath body lotion
Herbal hair tonic
Herbal hair oil/ cream
Herbal amla shampoo for normal to dry hair
Ayurvedic sun block lotion
Herbal range for kids
Anti septic baby dusting powder
Baby massage oil
Ayurvedic muscle relaxant
Anti stress bath oil
Chywanprash awleha as tones natural skin complexion
Natural blood purifier
A non alcoholic ayurvedic drink with rose and khus flavor
Digestive preparations.,metabolism normalizing preparations
Ayurvedic tooth powder /tablet/ paste
Natural preparations for preventing gynecological disorders
Immune Veterinary / Pet Animal Products
Poultry feed supplement for weight gain of chickens / increasing the egg production.( as some laws are coming in European countries not to give synthetic medicines to chickens and pigs for normal treatments because their meat is a source of food for human)
Horse products ( nearly 30 subjects for horses only )
Natural galactogogues to increase milk production in cow or buffalo
External treatment for pet animals. Etc. many other subjects can be discussed

Veterinary Products

  Non - Hormonal non-toxic Galactoglogue
Digestive, Appetite Stimulant and General Tonic
Anti Diarroeal
Liver Tonic ( Powder & Concentrated Liquid )
Expectorant, Decongestant and Bronchodilator
For muscle sprain and rheumatic disorders
Anthelmintic, Tarniacidal & Cytocidal
Broad spectrum anthelmintic
Systemic support to skin therapy
Skin Ointment
For efficient breeding
Uterine Tonic
For Urolithiasis
Aphrodisiac Tonic

Immune ART Products  
"IMMUNE"  teaches you to created health benefited environment with the help of Indian Art Products like,
Marble Art Products
Metal Statues
Artistic Ornaments
Cotton Garments based on Indian Design  
Carving Furniture of Indian Design
Indian artistic Swings silver, copper, bronze dinner set
Copper glass & tongue scrapper
Other art products  

IMMUNE supports their patients /clients in searching a genuine INDIAN AYURVEDIC LITERATURES / TEXTS / REFERENCE BOOKS

In various languages these books are supplied to many countries of the world at very reasonable cost.

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Patient's Opinion

Dr. Amin ,

I had severe breathlessness feeling , asthmatic conditions , on artificial oxygenation atleast 16 hours in a day , which has reduced to 8 hours in the night time only and in the day time I can walk and work in my house. This stage has come after starting your Ayurvedic treatment in india and continued Ayurvedic treatment in USA , for last six months . My family had lost the hopes of my survival in this world. My immunity is recovered , stamina improving and I am feeling better and remaining in touch with you through e mail.

Mrs. R.M Amin , boston , USA..

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