Shri. Subhash R. Amin is, Bsc. (chemistry), MBA, MPM (Gold medalist ), from indiana university USA. Successfully worked in india's one of the top ranking allopathy pharmaceutical organization for 26 years. Diversified from synthetic prescriptions medicines to natural Ayurvedic prescription products, herbal health products, ayurvedic cosmetic products and Ayurvedic animal products for chronic diseases. Successfully worked 12 years throughout Indian market and some countries of International market for Ayurvedic products. He has successfully provided genuine guidelines to many reputed pharmaceutical organizations as well as diversified organizations for genuine marketing of Ayurvedic / natural prescription as well as health products.


After discussing with many well learned physicians in the Market,
if Ayurveda medicines and basic principles are followed properly .

Ayurveda medicines are to be selected properly, timely picked up, processed properly, Active principles are to be maintained properly, follow the diet restrictions mentioned in Ayurveda and behave according to various seasons. Then, Ayurveda medicines are the only Natural medicines in the world which corrects the abnormal system of the body and does not disturb the normal system of the body.

"provides you natural immunity to live long and healthy life" All well established pharmaceutical organizations should take interest in developing quality natural medicines for humanity.


Mrs. Nikhila S. Amin

Mrs. Nikhila S. Amin is qualified as Bachelor of Arts in the subjects of Indian arts, Psychology, Nutritious diet and healthy living in home science. She has remained active as a professor of Arts in one of the reputed University of India. Mrs. Nikhila Amin has trained many females students on Indian Arts in the university. She guides many Normal persons how to create a healthy environment in the house with the help of Indian artistic, cooling and effective ART PRODUCTS. These art products psychologically, provides cooling of mind, healthy thinking and Balances immunity of the body.


Create an healthy Artistic environment by yourself surrounding you, learn how to create properly, because, this healthy environment has a good relation with your zeal of life, hormone secretion, enzyme secretion, blood circulation, absorption of proper nutrition and balances physiological as well as psychological actions of the body.

Many people, in ancient times, kept their healthy life and healthy immunity with the help of Indian Art products . Art products are meant for healthy environment and for maintaining of healthy immunity for longer period of life.


Dr. Ketan S. Amin

Dr. Ketan S. Amin is Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery, B.A.M.S., MD and well experienced Ayurvedic physician of India.

Dr. Amin has successfully worked with German and European companies for several years.

Dr. Amin, has worked on almost 350 medicinal plants, its identification, active principle identifications, its dose- response relation in different forms in the pharmacognosy laboratory. He was attached with six reputed hospitals of India, for the clinical trials of the Ayurvedic prescription products. He develops Ayurvedic formulations for well established pharmaceutical organizations interested in diversifying their activities towards Natural / Ayurvedic medicines.

Dr. Amin mainly develops genuine health products becomes most useful in preventing Chronic metabolic diseases gets converted into acute diseases and supports patients in guiding them in their routine diet, behavior and then provides supporting Ayurvedic treatment. Dr. Amin has been given a patent for inventing a technology as a first Ayurvedic physician for diagnosing through pulse from radial Artery. He has become first Indian Ayurvedic physician inventor to claim the Traditional pulse diagnosis method and traditional parameters to convert into the correlation of scientific parameters and high technology.


Maintaining HEALTHY immunity for longer period of life, needs proper guidelines at every change of period of life. Correct your problem of life when it is abnormal at a very micro level.

DO NOT LET YOUR IMMUNITY LET DOWN TO DISEASE STAGE. . Always follow the rules of life and support your body immunity with natural Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are getting proved as an immunomodulators, guidelines and knowledge based on Ayurvedic basic principles for balancing life. Enhances Immunity and normal person can maintain their healthy immunity for a longer period of life.

Remain Immune With IMMUNE

Correct you Immunity and follow guidelines given from IMMUNE


Mrs. Shefali K. Patel

Mrs. Shefali K. Patel has done Bachelor of science, with food and nutrition. she is trained specially in Ayurvedic diet guidelines. She calculates your chronic disease related diet and suggests properly calculated recipes to prepare proper food in your daily life. Also, she guides your diet every change of seasons to keep your metabolism normal throughout the year.


Diet is the real important factor of our life, some times unknowingly, we keep on taking certain tastes diet only and we do not balance intake of all tastes diet. Selected intake of taste, really affects immunity very slowly and slowly leads you towards diseases.

Change of seasons, has a very good relation with die , diet according to seasons is really essential and makes life healthy throughout the year.


Patient's Opinion

I was suffering from allergic eczema , in my palms and hands and I was regularly taking allopath medicines regularly as per my dermatologists advise . In the beginning it was okay but after some days , I started feeling breathlessness many times , pain in my joints got started , I was becoming fatty in my appearance, dark circles around eyes , gradually , I was feeling burning sensations in my palms , bleeding from the cuts in my palms . my dermal allergic eczema problem was getting controlled for some periods. And after some days , again , getting recurrence . I was really tired and became depressed , dermatologists was informing me to continue for longer period of life . Due to side effects , of allopath medicines , I was not comfortable and getting weak .


He simply suggested one external ointment , diet restrictions with ayurvedic tablets and application of ghee every night before sleep . it was amazing , I started feeling like I am getting cured my eczema got healed up new toned skin developed there were NO SIDE EFFECTS , MY WEAKNESS , BREATHLESSNESS FEELING HAS REALLY GONE AND NOW , I AM REALLY AN ACTIVE LADY AS I WAS EARLIER


Mrs. Mamta , india.

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