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Patient's Opinion

Dr. Amin ,

I have noticed in my city that , you have treated many unsolved patients with your Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment .

I was such a lady got HIV positive and , gradually became so weak my Hb WAS 5.6 g/100ml. SGPT was 125 ku/100ml , ESR was 70 mm in 1 hour , I was very weak , feeling breathlessness , many doctors had reduced the hopes of my survival , my blood pressure was remaining high . my body was paining on many areas and I had continuous dry coughing , it was really an unbearable situation . my husband was told the period of my survival for max. three months. Then , you were called to my residence after my discharge from the hospital . you corrected my dry coughing in the beginning and gradually , after your permission and constant guidelines , I went to pilgrimage to pray God . I survived with your help . I pray God , you can be of very much help to patients like me and prevent them entering into an acute conditions.

This is the correct objective of Ayurveda treatment .

Prevent patients entering into acute conditions from their chronic diseased stage.

Lady patient , india.

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