team efforts of nationally and internationally reputed and qualified doctors, pharmacists, chemists,marketing and management experts for the effective and quality presentation of the herbs.
We take care and co-operate domestic and international companies for their quality presentation and restricted claims where actually ayurvedic products are effective with exact dose -response relation explanation through scientific and clinical data.

We are a combination of QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED Professionals, like Qualified Ayurvedic Physician & Experienced Marketing People in the field of Ayurveda.

We are Engaged in Manufacturing, Marketing, Trading & Exporting Activity of Traditional / Ayurvedic Quality Herbal & Herbo Mineral Single / Formulations.

We can provide our Services in the form of Product Development based on Ayurvedic basic Principles, its Understanding and its real Scientific Explanation, Product Analysis, Quality & heavy Metal Analysis Assurance & Development of unique Selling Points.

We can Develop & Manufacture a Separate Range of Ayurvedic Product/s as per the specifications given by our Client.

We are Planning To Expand our these activities with the Rising demand of Ayurveda and its Formulations.

we request you to go through our above activities and feel free to revert your Interest on our immune@immunitycare.com


Patient's Opinion

Dr. Amin ,

I , with my breast cancer , had to pass through chemotherapy and mastectomy.

My SGPT was above 400 k.u/100ml , I was not being allowed to go for chemotherapy for some period , till , SGPT comes below 40 k.u/100ml . YOU STARTED SOME Ayurvedic liver tonic preparations , some ayurvedic immunomodulator formulations in the form of tablets , my SGPT came to 28 ku /100 ml with in 3 weeks of period and I was allowed to go for chemotherapy , we continued your Ayurvedic preparations and did not face any abnormal side effects like de pigmentation spots on skin , weakness , hyperacidity , nausea , vomiting etc. during chemotherapy . Also , with your hair oil applied on scalp region I could recover a thich growth of hair with in very short period of three to four months.

We are perfectly satisfied with your adjuvant Ayurvedic treatment.

Mrs. Ushaben india.

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